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If anyone remembers my TMNT AMV I was working on stopped working.


I now possess a copy of Vegas Pro 8.

So what does this mean?

MY VIDEO NOW WORKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy! All my hard work is back!!!!!

*Huggles Vegas and her project*

I think it was just my version of Vegas 5 that was the problem. As it was messing up my homework video too. Which is now working again too!

So yeah...

I'm pretty happy.

shell_mel: (*Screams*)

Vegas doesn't like me....

I have Vegas 5.0. I was using it to make an AMV.

I thought since I had some spare time tonight I would work on an AMV I started in August. But... For some reason when I loaded it up I got this message:

Warning: A error occurred accessing project media.

Some streams in the media file could not be opened.

I have not moved any of the files or anything. In fact I haven't touched anything to do with the project since I last was working on it. And it was find then. The audio is still there but the video is gone. I can't even get my source files to show me something. All I know is the time they run for.

Please someone! Anyone! Can you help me?

Could it be to do with the internet? *Has no idea if Vegas relies on the internet to function properly.* Mine is flickering due to the poor weather due to a greedy company that refuses to fix the lines they use.



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