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I know... it’s been forever since I’ve posted a real journal. But guess what? I have so much to say! So hopefully that will make up for it all. But to make it easier, I’ll break it up into sections.


That’s right. I’m making an AMV... though I’ve been making it since about August. It’s done using the 2007 TMNT movie. Half way done. Hoping to get back to that soon. It’s so unfair... I have so many ideas... *Bangs head against the nearest wall*

However the world is against me... something is wrong with my Vegas. It won’t show what it’s playing. You can hear it but you can’t see it. It wouldn’t show you any type of video. ;_; Not cool.


Hmmm... What’s happening in the world of art? Well the fact I have too many ideas that are distracting me from my current project would be one thing. >_< Why give me these ideas now? Though an upside is when I do get round to finding time I do have over 10 things to upload! =D But that’s school work, so that had to distract me or I would fail... not a good plan.

So anyway. My current project is... Portrait of Heather! Done the draft, just need to draw up the good copy! I think it’s going pretty well for a still life. I don’t normally do them, due to the fact I prefer fantasy over real life. But it was an art request when she won the competition I held last year with the song guessing game.


I’ve been having some unusual dreams. Normally my dreams don’t freak me out no matter what happens in them. But... there is one thing lately that has been making a little nervous.

I’m being stalked. They never approach me but stay in the distance often covered by shadows. I’ll only see a white face or a dark figure but it’s the same person. I feel like I’m in danger and he’s going to hurt me, in my dreams that is. But it is affecting me in real life because of this I have actually felt the need to lock my door. I have no idea why. Out where I live... in the middle of nowhere as some of friends like to call it, I don’t lock my door. Never at night, and rarely at all. I’m in a granny flat on my parent’s property.

Here’s a meaning I’ve found:

To dream that you are being stalked, indicates difficulties and problems which you are not confronting. Your avoidance of these problems is not making them go away. If you are being stalked in real life, then this fear may be carried over into your dream state.

To dream that you are a stalker, represents your shadow and the negative part of your Self. It is symbolic of a bad habit which you have unsuccessfully tried to break.

I don’t think I’m avoiding anything. I’m falling back into some unsocial habits due to not having time to see people lately but I’m finishing my course for this semester soon so I’ll be able to fix that...

I don’t know... but I just feel unsettled at the moment by these dreams.


Well I don’t have too much to report. My father is actually doing that little bit better and is actually doing things around the house now. He was meant to redecorate the spare room at the start of the year. He started two weeks ago and he’s done! Yay!

My mum. She’s overworked, under paid. But aren’t we all?

My little brother is still a turd, only he’s taller now.

One of my half sisters, Ria, was going to have another baby, she’s already had three girls, ... but it died. ;_;


I miss you dearly. ;_;

Unfortunetly my ‘holidays’ was devoted to morstly school work and I’m sorry. I’ll try and organise a sleepover with disxox and clouderlla soon.

I met with whiteadelphi!!!! I’d just like to say thanks for meeting with me again, it was awesome! I’ll try to drag you out the house more often. XD

Sandy, one of my online TMNT friends, is coming to stay with me for a week in July!!!! I want her to meet you all!! All of you that live close to me that is. Being clouderlla, disxox and whiteadelphi.


Me and my boyfriend are still going strong. =D

*Is very happy*


I study Zen Do Kai. A style of marshal arts that is a mixture of tai boxing and traditional marshal arts. We also do stick fighting, a Philippians style of fighting using stick. Every Monday night we have fun beating the crap out of each other.

Anyway, we had a grading a couple of weeks ago. I was a white belt, but now I’m a yellow belt!!! Woot! Josh (Boyfriend) is an orange. Where I should be but due to some family stuff couldn’t attend the grading. But I’m pretty happy where I am. I was told that I did everything nearly perfectly, except for overhead punches and body rips. I tend to pull back before actually hitting the target. So got penalised there.

So what’s the lesson? Don’t hold back, just beat the crap out of your partner and get full marks.


As most of you would know, I go to Uni. I’m an art student! Yay me!

Anyway Uni is doing very well. But you’ll have to excuse me while I have a small rant here.

Last year in drama I had a horrible teacher. The dragon lady. Now I had some trouble writing essays. My spelling and grammar is all over the place due to a dyslexic issue of mine. Now I don’t want a pat on the back and a fake story about how you can pass year 12 without doing any on the spot written work like exams. I knew I would really have to work hard in order to try and do my best.

Now what I didn’t need was her. I wanted help, I wanted to be told how I could improve, help in structuring my work so I could do well. I got that help, in every subject except drama.

What I didn’t need was for her to basically sit be down and say that I would not only fail at year 12 but would fail horribly in Uni, if I got in.

Dragon: Hmmm... you’re not doing very well in my class with your written work...

Me: I know. Can you help me?

Dragon: You do know that if you can’t even write an essay for drama you’ll never make it in Uni

Me: But if you hel-

Dragon: Never! *Hisses*

And that was pretty much the gist of all of our conversation about me in her class. Let’s just say I didn’t have high hopes in Uni for great grades because of her.

The grading at Uni is as follows: -

High Distinction (HD): 85-100%

Distinction (D): 75-84%

Credit (C): 65-74%

Pass One (P1): 55-64%

Pass Two (P2): 50-54%

Fail One (F1): 40-49%

Fail Two (F2): 0-39%

I have two practical subject and one theory subject. We had a test and I was panicking. It was about Representing Visual Culture. I spent most of my time drawing on my test and answering as much as possible. The drawing was the only thing stopping me from panicking to the point of running out the room. Why such a reaction? Surely it’s just a test? It was worth 20% of my final grade and the dragon’s words of my assured failure was still flying around my head.

The next lesson after the test, we got our results. I didn’t have high hopes. I just wanted a credit. But then she said five people had failed.

Me: O_O;;;;;.... what?

Then we went up one by one to discuss our test.

Teacher: *looks at me and searches for my name* Hmm... Ah... here we are. HD

Me: O_O... HD?

Teacher: Yeap.

Me: You sure?

Teacher: Sure am.

Me: You are looking at Michelle Taylor, right? (we have two Michelle’s in the class)

Teacher: That’s right. Congradulation. You were only two marks off of a perfect score.

ME: O_O... *Walks away stunned.*

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, dragon lady!

*Her confidence has returned and now dismisses the dragon lady as someone who likes to make people miserable for absolutely no reason what so ever.*


Hmm... I had a really weird experience when I was working. I was out doing trolleys quite happily. Then out the corner of my eye I saw something that made me turn. A large black tail of a cat disappearing behind a van. Too big to be a cat but what else could it have been? I ran over to the van and started searching round but I couldn’t find anything. It was so strange...

My spiritual animal is the Black Panther. But could I just have imagined it?

I don’t know but I’m not ruling it out.

The next day something similar happened I saw it again, just the tail disappearing into a bush. I went over to investigate but again nothing. I ended up missing my train to Uni but I always leave one train early anyway, so no loss.

So I was waiting for the train when an elderly lady approached me. She explained that she hadn’t used public transport before and was wondering if I could help her. I happily helped her. We travelled to Adelaide and showed her to her destination. She had no idea where she was going so I didn’t mind helping. We talked a lot and she was really nice and had a lot of interesting stories.

But if I hadn’t gone on my search for the black panther I would have made the train and not have helped the lady. So I was glad I missed it... just a little concerned as to why I missed and if there is more meaning to it then I can see.

Or I could just be on the verge of mental breakdown due to being overloaded at Uni... I don’t know...


Nothing too exciting. Still a check out chick, still a supervisor... Though there are a couple of new kids that I want to kill. They are so bossy! They just close off their registers with talking to their supervisor and have no respect for anyone. I don’t care if they don’t like me but part of doing your job is doing as asked. Not ignoring me and reading magazines on your check out!!! *Stranges them*

Then the customers... We close at 5pm on Sundays... They don’t care. They shop and walk around the store at 5.30, convinced that we have all the time in the world. We only get paid til 5.30. It takes half an hour to cash the money up, clean, get all the trolleys back and do all the other jobs. What makes them think that we have to stay around til 6 before we can go home! We have a life!

Then there is the plastic bags... they’re gone. Customers are chucking their stuff at me demanding bags though we don’t have any. Some customers leave full trolleys behind because of it... As if we haven’t advertised it enough! BRING YOUR OWN BAGS! Or buy more. I don’t care but don’t get mad at me. Don’t you think it might inconvenience me on the other end of the check out as well?

So concludes my mini rant... or work that is.


I’m be putting up a post soon about this. But I want to focus on two stories... just not sure which ones. So I’ll present my ideas and leave it to a vote. Not really pressuring anyone to vote but it might really help me out. I can’t focus when all these idea just jump around as they do. I need to focus my creativity. I need a main story to work on and a side story for when I get writers block.

Again for fan fiction need time and my beta needs time. So I won’t bug her. She’s busy as it is.

Then there is my memes... I’m a little behind and I will do them! Promise! Just very busy!

Which reminds me... I’ve fallen behind on people’s journals... sorry!!!


Anyway... Thanks for listening. Hope all is well in your worlds!


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