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Okay... I need to ask a favour. A big one. I would like to ask everyone who reads this to vote. I need help deciding what to do. I’m stuck with too many ideas and things to do. So I would really appreciate it if everyone could vote for what story, fanfiction, amv, icon I should be going along with. I have all these great ideas but I have too many. If I look at them all... I don’t write... I don’t do anything... I avoid it. So by helping me with these votes I’ll be back to writing and being productive once more. I don't need help in the art section... I know what I'm meant to be doing. A picture for Heather is on the top of that list!

So if it’s not too much trouble could you please vote for one story, one fanfiction, one amv and one icon.

I know this is a large post and a lot to think about... but maybe you can now see my problem. ^^;

If you want any extra info on anything just let me know. When things have been narrowed down a little more there will be a second vote with more info.

My Stories

Only picked my more well formed stories to present to you. I know some of them have some childish ideas, that may be because I was a child when I originally thought it up. But I only keep these because I thought I could take them further later.


Number One:

Have you ever met a nice, sweet girl who’s too quiet? Of course you have. The world is full of people like that. Trish meets a girl just like that, Rochelle. It’s nothing new, or is it? Little did Trish know when she invited this girl to sit next to her in psychology class; she was getting a whole lot more then what she ever expected. Rochelle may seem like a normal girl with her head in a book all the time, but there’s a whole other side to her that no one sees.


Number Two:

Hope Hopkins just wanted to see her mother, the woman that abandoned her all those years ago when she was born. Why would her mother leave her? It wasn’t like anyone knew of what she was capable of at that point, so why? Seventeen years about her mother left her with her father, Kye and took off. Without a word, a note or any explanation. Hope has always been a little different. She can see into the future, but this is one future she didn’t foresee. While looking for her mother a series of unexpected events leaves to grave circumstances. Will she ever she the woman that abandoned her? Or will her questions remained unanswered?


Number Three:

Spruse, a human sized basilisk wakes up inside a capsule with a human boy, but he has no idea who this boy is or even himself. All he knows is that he’s no in a place he belongs and in the possession of seven jewels. They call him, whisper to him and provide him with power that could be deadly in the wrong hands. But how does the boy know him? And what do the beings in this new world want with him?


Number Four:

Hannah and Otto. A vampire and a werewolf. Friends? A little odd but then again even by vampire and werewolf standards they are a little odd. Hannah’s a vampire, but it would seem a scientist had been able to modifier her before meeting a gruesome end. With the ability to pretty much be a normal human being, expect for the cravings for blood she is a new vampire genetically modified in a strive for perfection. Otto’s a werewolf, a true born. No getting bitten for this one, he was born a beast, giving him a few advantages in the field. An evil being knows they’re different, and see’s things she’d like to take to meet her goal. But can these two figure it out before it’s too late?


Number Five:

In a time of peace and happiness there is no longer a need for armies or fighting in the world. Everyone gets along and all is well. Or is it? An army is in operation unbeknownst to the public, fighting a war that most of the world has no idea is even going on. But what does this have to do with Paige and eleven of the people in her neighbourhood? They’ve been selected, kidnapped by the enemy for experimentation. What exactly is this enemy up to and why is being kept from the world? Only time will tell, Paige just hopes to survive to find out.


Number Six:

A bloodline has been there to protect the Earth since the first man ever walked the Earth. But happens when this bloodline’s true heir is lost due to one father’s arrogance? An islander girl is out casted by her family, not worthy of them due to the fact she was a girl. Though her grandfather couldn’t care less, he’s just happy to have a grandchild. He takes her in and cares for her, he knows that one day the heir will be needed, man or female. If only he could turn her into a warrior... instead she’s clumsy, too trusting and has no real ambition for anything in life. But before the grandfather can right these, it’s already too late. She’ll either have to learn the hard way or they’ll have to rely on the father’s vision of the true heir, her younger brother, Seth.


Number Seven:

Earth, one of the many dimensions that run parallel to one another, has an atmosphere that can’t properly sustain ‘magic’. Or what humans would call magic anyway. But that does not mean that it isn’t practiced or used. Far from it. An organisation specialises in tracing down children with the gifts and properly training them in its use exists. A boy is about to take the leap into manhood, to be recognised by the organisation as a mage, he simply disappears halfway through the ceremony. He doesn’t run out, but vanishes into thin air. In another dimension, the boy appears and it would seem this new world has a different take to magic. It flows freely, no barricades, allowing him more use of his magic. But why was he summoned to this world? And by who?


Number Eight:

After each life you have, you soul will slowly become purer and purer. After a time and you reach that certain level of purity it is time for you to ascend. That’s all well and nice for them, but what about the people who were put on the Earth without soul, those who are there to test those with a soul? They can earn a soul, but it would seem that some of them would rather just take them. Shaii, an old soul, is just a normal school girl with an upbeat attitude. So what happens when she runs into a tester who’s looking for a soul just like her’s?


Number Nine:

Angels and demons. The figures of mythology and religion. They have been with us ever since there have been stories. But what if they got it wrong? What if the angels weren’t really the good guys? What if the demons were? Two hidden races, submerged into human society are on the hunt for one another. An age old battle that has survived to modern day without too much notice from the humans. When this battle finally ends it will decide the world’s fate. Who will win? The Angelicans? Or the Deanominas? Angels or Demons? The angels have the advantage with numbers but the demons are restricted, only ever a maximum of thirteen ever inhibit the planet. And what makes it worse? The demons that are here? They’re still just kids. The oldest being twenty-one. So do they stand a chance? If they have been able to buy a millennia before, so maybe they can do it again?


Number Ten:

In a distant world the fate and the way of life of the people of this world is decided by their ruler. Not in the everyday way but in the way their land functions. When the time comes he must chose one of two girls to sacrifice. Both hold the powers of a god locked inside them but their powers appose one another. The one that is chosen to live much provide the ruler with his heirs, they will take on the powers of the two previous girls. Then when the time comes, the choice must be made again, another sacrifice is made and life goes on. But one day one of the girl’s questions this tradition, not something new. But she wonders why the land should have to survive on the grace of a god. Shouldn’t they thrive on their own? The girl runs away before the time to chose arrives. The kingdom is looking for her, there is a reward on her head for her safe return. One treasure hunted takes up the task to find her, but it has been a few years since she ran, can he find her before time runs out for their land and the anger of the gods consume them?


Number Eleven:

A duchess brought up on tales of love and happiness is starved of her own. She must wait for the day her father finds her a suitor and until then she must wait. But what happens when she falls in love with the local bakery assistant? A perfect suitor is found by the father of course. A champion fencer who serves the king. She has a duty to her family to marry the fencer, but a duty to her heart to be with the local boy. However the boy betrays her, tells her the marry the fencer, breaking her heart. He only lusted after her, never loved her. Broken hearted, she submits to the marriage, but at the last minute she runs. She runs away from everything she has ever known. The local boy follows her and tries to convince her to go back every step of the way. So out in the world she must not only learn how to do an honest day’s work but figure out where she should go. Back to the fencer? Or stay on the run?


Number Twelve:

In a post war society an evil empress has taken control of their land, with the help of her army of out casts. Long ago the people of this country of this world were out cast due to their lack of powers, the ability to use magic. But now they have come back and gained control over the world. Their empress had discovered a way to render the people’s magic useless against their technology and those who are strong enough practice despite this are hunted down and killed to prevent a rebellion. But to a little girl and her pet spider this means nothing. She worries more about surviving each day and finding her next meal then about who rules over the world.


Fan fiction:

I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated... but I’ve come to a decision. My current story ‘Coming to terms’... I’m putting that on hold. I know my writing and ideas have come a long way since I’ve started that one so I’ll put it on hold while I refigure it. But while I do that, I’d like to still write. So here are some ideas. They’re all TMNT.



Continue the story for this prologue:-

They always expect me to be able to able to fix everything.

“Don something’s wrong with my Shell Cell.”

“Donnie, the microwaves broke.”

“Hey Don, something’s up with my gameboy, it’s speaking backwards.”

 “My son, I regret to inform you but the television is refusing to work and let me watch my stories.”

But it’s not just things around the home they expect me to able to fix. They expect me to fix them. Whenever one of my brothers is hurt or unwell then its...

“You’ll be okay, Don will patch you up.”

“That’s a nasty cough you got there bro, go see Don.”

“Don, come quick he’s gotten himself hurt again.”

“My son, your brothers require your attention.”

I’m an engineer not a doctor. I don’t have any training only what I can look up on the internet. So far we’ve been fine with this but what happens when something happens to someone that I can’t fix. I can see it now. In a fight with an enemy one night, one my brothers will be critically injured. We get him home but there’s nothing I can do. It’s beyond me. The rest of my family saying:

“Don you gotta help him, you’ve gotta make him better.”

“You can do it Donnie, I believe in you.”

“It’s okay bro, Don’s gonna fix you up, right Don?”

“My son, how is your brother fairing?”

My family expects so much of me but have they only built me up. Am I really as good as they think I am? Or are they just under an illusion of my abilities? I have and I will always try my best to help my family in every way I can. Whether that be through my engineering skills or through my limited medical knowledge I will always do my best. But what if one day, my best wasn’t good enough? What will my family say then?



I don’t expect this one to get any votes but I’m putting it up there. I want to write a TMNT vampire story. That’s right. I’ve seen so many bad ones and I want to try my hand at it. I love TMNT and I love vampires and I have no interest in making either look stupid. Though I’m not doing twilight! No way! I’d probably cross it with ‘The Last Vampire’ by Christopher Pike. A good book and one that would serve my purpose. Again, don’t expect anyone to like this idea just being honest.



I have Vegas working again! But... My current AMV refuses to work. ;_;

I will go back and redo it one day but... I can’t do it so soon after losing it. So I’m going to try another first. But I’m only mentioning what I’m using video wise. The music is still being fiddled with.



A Lion king one. Got a great idea in my head for it.



A Death Note one.



A House one.



Can’t decide which movie, cartoon or anything to do... so again, please help me. And if they have a series/sequel then they are included in the orginal as I will work my way through them.

I know I’m not great at making icons and such... but can’t get better unless I practice.


28 Days


A Bug’s Life

Agent Cody Banks





Black Adder

Black Books

Bone Collector

Bourne Identity

Brave Heart

Casino Royale

Crimson Tides

Dare Devil


Die Hard



Garfield 2


Harry Potter


Inside Man

John Q

Jurassic Park

Love Actually

Man on Fire

Mean Girls


My Best Friend’s Wedding


Notting Hill

Patch Adams

Pink Panther


Remember the Titans

Resident Evil

Shallow Hal


Sonic X


Step Up

The Incredibles

The Man in the Iron Mask

The Negotiator

The Net

The Siege

The Silence of the lambs



Top Gun

What A Girl Wants

While You Were Sleeping  


So please take pity on the overwhelmed girl and help me out. Please? ;_;


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