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At 1pm on the 9th of May the world stopped. Not for everyone, but for the friends, family and those who knew Rachel Bassett. A girl whom I have known all through high school but only really got to know her in year 11 and 12, and I regret our time for so short.

Rachel was the type of girl who got along with everyone. She didn’t start fights and could strike up a conversation with even the most unlikely of people. No matter who you were, she’d talk to you and get along with you. She always made me smile, just by her smiling. She knew how to make me feel good even when I was down.

The kind, sweet, quiet little girl I once knew is no longer with us. On an unfortunate Saturday afternoon, Rachel was killed in a car accident. A boy in the backseat was also killed when the boy driving the car hit a tree. Thankfully he is okay physically but I worry for him mentally.

People say I should be mad at him for what he had done, for the fact he was hooning down that road. But I would only be mad if he continued to do after this. There is a chance he will either be charged with manslaughter on two accounts or reckless driving.

The funeral is expected to be next week some time; however the only details that are known are where it is being held. Disxox and Cloudy are welcome to get a lift with me if they wish to attend. I’m not going to pressure you to if you don’t feel like going but the option is there if you do.

In this time of sadness I would just like to direct the reader to a quote that autumndandelion posted today.

Rob Thomas did an interview with London's Daily Telegraph music critic Neil McCormick this evening via Twitter.

Neil: Do you think you can answer the really big questions in 140 characters or less?

Rob: you can stick your foot in your mouth in less than 140, however.

Neil: Lets try an easy one: What is the meaning of life?

Rob: to smile more than you cry.

Rob: i guess that's more the secret than the meaning. shhh.

Yes this time is sad but because of it we need to appreciate the life and the time we have even more. I will always cry for Rachel and for the fact I won’t be able to spend any more time with her but I will always smile when I remember the times we had together. Not one of my memories with her is bad so I know that when I think of her, even though there may be tears in my eyes, I’ll be smiling.

I’m sorry to all those who knew her and sorry for those who didn’t.

I will miss you Rachel.

Rest in Peace


(Her two best friends, Emma and Samantha, Rachel)


(Rachel, Her two best friends, Emma and Samantha)

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This is testimony to the fact my dreams are weird and that I have a sick fascination with death. Not to the point where I want to make it happen. Whether that be myself of someone else. Anyway this dream was a couple of nights ago. Here we go:


I was someone’s assistant but at the same time I felt she was my friend (from real life). But her face was always faded in my dream so I don't remember who it was. She acted like Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) out of ‘The devil wears Prada’. I had to do all her jobs, chores, drive her around, wait on her hand and foot while she partied and did business.

At one point we were on a cruise. I was on a small lower class tug boat while she was on the big expensive ship. I was with the other assistances. The ships were pretty far apart. One of the assistances tried to swim to the other boat but she disappeared. The water was freezing so she was probably dead. But no one cared or they were too scared to leave the boat without permission.

 Somehow I managed to get on the other ship. The bosses were all in a hot tub, drink as. We had to go or she would be late for a meeting. Since the other assistant died we had to take the assistant-less boss with us. He was male. We went to a red sports car and I got in the front to drive, while they went in the back. I drove them down a very curvy road. In the end I missed the turning and had to go back.

The new road was curvy too but a dirt road. I went round one turning which was similar to a rollercoaster where people are parallel to the ground. On this turning I hit the curve and crashed the car. My boss was not impressed. The other boss disappear, got no idea where he went. A police officer was suddenly there. Saying it wasn't too bad and I'd just get a warning.

Then my dream changed. But the setting was the same. I was still at the accident. But I wasn't an assistant. People, dark figures or shadows, were coming after me. I ran. An alleyway appeared out of nowhere. I ran down it and turned the corner. There were a lot of wooden crates everywhere. Suddenly there was a BANG! And I fell to the ground, some crates falling on top of me. I had been shot. But I was still alive.

Words ran through my head as the figures surrounded me. I think that was there way of talking. The words: Poison, radiation, gun point, strangling, stabbing... I think they were discussing how to finish the job.

Suddenly the dream changed again. The scene was the same though it was obvious there had been a change in time. This was later... but how much later I’m not sure. I was someone else. A black guy here to investigate a murder (my murder I think).

One of the guys on the team was drilling in the pavement. A girl's body (my body) had been chucked the in cement. I (the black guy) had to go into the hole and bag/tag the evidence. I found my lip balm, phone, mirror, a bullet, and some other stuff. Most of it being stuff I use in real life. I was trying to work out what happened to the girl. Suddenly I had an idea. The nerve endings would tell me! (As crazy as that is XD) They were stuck to the cement on the wall of hole. But it more like glitter pens or something. I was trying to read them while I had a feeling the shadows were returning. I looked up at something and suddenly...

I woke up. A cat fight at 6am woke me up... not pleased.

How weird was that? Meaning? I focus too much on death and will result in my own? *shrugs* It got really confusing near the end. I knew I should be me... but I was the black guy.

BTW this amount of detail is normal for my dreams, as is the length. There was actually a whole lot more detail than I can be bother going into. But I’m going to bed. Good night everyone!


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