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-Last Man on the Moon by SR-71

Since the 30th and up until a day ago or so I have been sick. I was hoping to get better quickly. That didn't happen. Sadly...

Due to the tablets I had I was knocked six for six every night. I got 8 hours plus every night. A rarity for me. But this means I now am having trouble sleeping now I'm off the tablets. So this means a lack of sleep once more. *Sighs*

So when I start to feel better. My head is clearer but I still had the cough and the blocked nose.

That's disappearing now so I feel fine, right? WRONG!

I'm asthmatic. What does this mean? Basically my lungs reject the normal way of breathing and try this new funky way where you don't use all of your lungs and that the air gets a higher level of moister then it should so it can't be absorbed too well.

So  this means it takes me longer to rebound off cold and that they hit me harder then they do most.

I'm fine with this. I've lived with it everyday of my life. But what does this mean to those who don't have it and like the spotlight on themselves? Hmm... Apparently I'm full of shit? That's right? 100% Bullshit. =D

I love my father but unless it is about him he just doesn't get it. I told him I wouldn't be going to karate again (as I did not go last week) because my asthma hasn't settled yet. His reply? "You're letting it to the Shizen-Housen-house."

This confused me for a number of reasons.

1. I know what Shizen-housen means. I know it's German. What I don't get is why he was using it. My father is very bitter with some countries due to his dad and the prejudices his dad had due to the war. Dad kid of inherited it from him... So he was never too fond of Germany or Japan. A number of my friends are from these nationalities, so to prevent them from getting big war-like lectures I just don't tell him. So if my dad doesn't like Germany and has never used that phrase before... what does that mean? Has he been replaced? Getting Senia? Or mum finally got him replaced by a robot?

2. He knows I love my karate club. I go whenever I can. And today would have been one that everyone would have wanted everyone there for. A little girl's parents have both died within a year of one another. Her father died yesteray. That's so sad. So Shihan Scott is going to adopt her as their families have always been close.

And Finally!

3. Yesterday I thought I was all better. Or at least enough to no longer have to hold back and just be my normal energetic self at work. I was fine talking, standing, sitting, walking. But when I sprinted from one end of the store to the other, then back again for a customer. She needed a replacement and we were really busy so there was no one avaliable to get it for me. So I ran (as I had a line). I got back, gave her the meat. She thanked me, turned to leave but quickly turned back to find me on the floor.
That's right. I practically passed out. I suddenly my chest had started to feel really tight, a hot flush came over me and a wave of dizziness hit me. Then suddenly the world tilted and I was on the floor with people all around me. So yes. Despite feeling fine, I was obviously not. It always takes my asthma forever to go back to normal after being sick.

So yes.
2 minute run = faint.
90 minute karate = ?

Please tell me that someone sees my logic?!

Why does he not? Because he is the only family member I have (in this house) that doesn't have asthma and doesn't understand how it truly affects us. How hard it makes things? Simple things, like breathing become an impossible task.

Oh and my mother is sick. She also has asthma... Hmmm... What does this mean? Oh yes. On his days off from work he is going to make her slave around which is not helping her get better.

You're a winner dad. Though maybe instead of sanity pills we should have got you logical one?


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