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At 1pm on the 9th of May the world stopped. Not for everyone, but for the friends, family and those who knew Rachel Bassett. A girl whom I have known all through high school but only really got to know her in year 11 and 12, and I regret our time for so short.

Rachel was the type of girl who got along with everyone. She didn’t start fights and could strike up a conversation with even the most unlikely of people. No matter who you were, she’d talk to you and get along with you. She always made me smile, just by her smiling. She knew how to make me feel good even when I was down.

The kind, sweet, quiet little girl I once knew is no longer with us. On an unfortunate Saturday afternoon, Rachel was killed in a car accident. A boy in the backseat was also killed when the boy driving the car hit a tree. Thankfully he is okay physically but I worry for him mentally.

People say I should be mad at him for what he had done, for the fact he was hooning down that road. But I would only be mad if he continued to do after this. There is a chance he will either be charged with manslaughter on two accounts or reckless driving.

The funeral is expected to be next week some time; however the only details that are known are where it is being held. Disxox and Cloudy are welcome to get a lift with me if they wish to attend. I’m not going to pressure you to if you don’t feel like going but the option is there if you do.

In this time of sadness I would just like to direct the reader to a quote that autumndandelion posted today.

Rob Thomas did an interview with London's Daily Telegraph music critic Neil McCormick this evening via Twitter.

Neil: Do you think you can answer the really big questions in 140 characters or less?

Rob: you can stick your foot in your mouth in less than 140, however.

Neil: Lets try an easy one: What is the meaning of life?

Rob: to smile more than you cry.

Rob: i guess that's more the secret than the meaning. shhh.

Yes this time is sad but because of it we need to appreciate the life and the time we have even more. I will always cry for Rachel and for the fact I won’t be able to spend any more time with her but I will always smile when I remember the times we had together. Not one of my memories with her is bad so I know that when I think of her, even though there may be tears in my eyes, I’ll be smiling.

I’m sorry to all those who knew her and sorry for those who didn’t.

I will miss you Rachel.

Rest in Peace


(Her two best friends, Emma and Samantha, Rachel)


(Rachel, Her two best friends, Emma and Samantha)


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