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Or the lack of logic anyway.

I had such a strange dream...

I had gone round Dis's house for lunch. There we were mucking around and there was alchol around, but I didn't drink as I knew I had to drive. We went outside to play a game of netball (as Dis now has one at her house) with these random girls that came out of nowhere. Though we were having too much fun to play by the rules. So we used bo staffs, which seemed to annoy the girls for some reason.

One of the girls grabbed a spare staff and came over to me to smash my head in. There was a loud crack, and the bo staff was broken. I put a hand to my head, frowning. That hit me... and I'm still on my feet and not feeling pain...? I can live with that. ^^

The girl look horrified as I ran after her. I tackled her to the ground, punching the ground right next to her head, actually causing the ground to crack and become indented. Needless to say the girl was scared, she wouldn't stop screaming. I had just wanted to warn her not to do it again... No need to overreact or anything.

Then the cops came and arrested me. For some reason Dis thought this was all her fault and wouldn't stop apologizing. But then simply left after she asked me to keep her informed of the situation.

I was taken to the police station, but was soon released on bail for the moment. But I was going to go to prison according to them.

I shrugged and walked up, when suddenly I got a call from Sandy's mum. For some reason she was lost in Rundle Street, in Adelaide. I told her how to get to me. Walk out of the alley and take a left then keep walking until she saw me. Though she said she didn't understand. So I decided to go and meet her. Though I didn't go to Rundle Street. I flew, not in a plane or anything, to Finland to see her. It had taken 4 hours but I had made it.

Apparently Sandy had only just gotten back from Australia, so she was still tired but gave me a hug anyway. I showed her mum how to get to where she wanted... as I was suddenly in Rundle Street again. Then I was back at Sandy's and my mum and little brother was there. I told my mum I had been arrested. She sighed heavily and was not pleased but she was very supportive.

We met up with my dad and we tried to tell him that I had been arrested but it didn't make sense to him. So we just walked along with very sunny path with pink and yellow marbles the size of netballs. I started to play with them as I went. I connecting them all together with a metal rope and started to use it as a giant toy. I waved them over my head (the thing being about 20 metres at least over my head), when suddenly the momentum of it all lifted me up. Like a helicopter!

Then the cops showed up, shooting at the marbles to get me down. But as I fell fire started to come out the ends of my feet, like astro boy! Then it hit me... this whole time I had been a robot! I flew down to the cops and started in my defensive for my earlier arrest, that the girl had been in no danger. Due to the fact I was a robot and that I could be so precise, there was no way she was in any danger.

They called me crazy, despite the fact I was flying!

My parents took me house hunting. We found a nice one in the Adelaide hills. Which turned out to be a mental hospital... This is where I was going to serve out my prison sentence. I was not happy. But I went in willingly. They welcomed me and I was the only young person in there. The rest were all really old people...

I walked around and explored. Everyone seemed normal enough, except in one room a guy was taking bets for a fight that was apparently going on. They were having tournaments. I told him I'm normally in the fights rather then taking sides on one. He said I should join in next time. I smiled and accepted. What could a bunch of old people do to robogirl anyway?

So I went back to the desk and asked for the password so I could use the computer. I needed to let everyone know I wouldn't be online for a while as I might be here a few years. The password was 'Heroin.' But when I got on the internet I just check my emails and left without actually doing anything. Suddenly one of the old men came over to me, claiming he had a brilliant idea. He was going to make a fake cake out of a toilet seat, then get the nurses to eat it.

I told him I had a better one. Together we rallied a group of old people and managed to get hold of some drag cars. From there we went out hooning. I wasn't worried about myself. I was robogirl! But I was worried for those I dragged along with me. We didn't get very far before we crashed as people seemed to go out of their way to hit us.

We were in big trouble when we got back.

Though for some reason I was not suspected of having been the Mastermind behind the idea. So they tried to get me to accuse someone else, otherwise my punishment would be to:

-Do the kids program and entertain them for a hundred hours. (I don't like little kids in this dream.)
-Never get to use the internet again.
-And be sedated whenever I wasn't with the kids.

I laughed at the guy and told him I would love to point the finger at someone else but I was told I had to always tell the truth. And this was the truth.

He sighed and went to sedate me. I grabbed his wrist, twisted it, took the sedative and threw it so it impaled the wall. The guy looked horrified while I had a rather evil small smile on my face. I told him there was nothing he could do to me.


Then I woke up.

>_< Illogical... But so logical in some areas.

There was a lot more detail but this is just the main idea of what happened.

And off I go! As robogirl, the insane prisoner of Adelaide Hills!
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