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I rarely discuss work here or rant about it... but today was very... special.

Let me just start by saying I am a check out chick and have been for three years and a half. This year I was promoted to superviser (yay me!). I have a strong work ethic (oddly enough it only appiles at work). Basically just do your best. There are very few people I dislike. Very few that make me groan when I see I'm working with them for my shift. And looking back on these people I see why I dislike them. THEY ARE LAZY TOAD!!!

First off we have horse face toad. Her name is Chloe. She smiles a lot and I can get on with her outside of work. But in work? No...

Chloe came to my work place a year and a half after me and was promoted within 6 months. I don't mind the promotion. She was able to work full time and that's what they were looking for at the time. What I do mind is when I worked in bakehouse (as I used to do this once a week at the time), she'd do the day shift in that department. She'd leave an hour early claiming everything was done...

Done meaning put out the fresh bread, fully filled all the products, dumped all out of date and damaged stock, put the balfours out when they arrive, put aside the stock in the fresher for Monday's breakout of specials, reduced all the items that will go out of date, sweep and there are a few other bits and pieces.

When I come in... well... lets just say I'd be better off not coming in.

She does the basics. Fresh bread out, filled products and reduces items... that's it! The balfours are in the fridge waiting for me, so the shelves are empty and I have another load coming in that day so I'll have way too much and I'll have to leave it some for Monday's shift to fill. The dumps will be left there for me so I'll have a lot of dumps on my name rather then hers. And she doesn't set stock aside for me to take to the fridge for the monday breakout!!!!!

She has FOUR whole hours to do her job. I have three. On Saturday you get four, on Sunday you get three. So I have three hours to do all my jobs and hers. I have told management and guess what? Nothing ever happens. Now she is manager of bakehouse and I don't get shifts in there even though I want them.

Next we have wanna-be princess toad. Her name is Crystal. She started working here a week before myself. Just a week. She is laziest of all the toads I will mention. She hates to serve costumers, she won't do what anyone says, even her superviser and she speaks to you like you're a pick of shit! Crystal is a superviser. She got promoted 6 months before myself. Why? Don't ask me. Maybe because she kisses ass.

We have a new 2IC, Tanya. Our old 2IC of check out was very nice. Her name was Anne. We got on great and she was the one that suggested my promotion. We've been friends for a while and now she's left we still are. I was fearful that the new 2IC would be a shit like Kirsty (I'll get to her, don't you worry). But no. She's just like Anne though she's a lot more stuble then Anne was about things.

Today Crystal was put on the floor (one of the big registers) rather then express as she wasn't supervising. Crystal did bugger all while she had no customers. When I had none I managed to date code all confec, clean all the registers and collect trolleys. I think Tanya may like me because of my willingness to work and get the job done. Finally! Someone who notices!!

Tanya told me she may log Crystal. (A log is like a warning, an offical one. You get three logs and you are fired!) Crystal spole to Tanya like she was a piece of shit. Refused to go to lunch when told to claiming it was way too early (while forced all the lunches back leaving them short when I left). And when she went on her tea break (15 min) she was 10 minutes late! She's rude to the customers, and refused to do anything Tanya said. WTF?! You don't refuse the 2IC!

Now Crystal will probably be stuck here all her life. She finished high school and even though she completed a TAFE course, no one will take her on. Probably because she can't get a good reference.

Then there is her mother. A snoby bitch! She is so proud her daughter is superviser and seems to hate me for no reason. She makes loud comment about me being a suck up when I smile and say hi to the manager. Hello! I do that with everyone I work with. I even put on a smile for your daughter! She demands special treatment because Crystal works here. And everytime Crystal superviser she comes over to me and makes comment about, making it very obvious that she commenting that I am not current supervising. Example:

Me: *Doing trolleys*
CM: Oh... Hi Michelle (very fake smile)
Me: (equally fake smile) hi there
CM: Doing trolleys I see... Not supervising today?
Me: Not today, tomorrow night
CM: So not when Crystal's working. (Smug smile)
Me: Nope.
CM: Well I guess someone had to do trolleys. Sorry you drew the short straw. (trying to smile nicely but is smug)
Me: Short straw? Are you kidding?
CM: *looks confused*
Me: I don't have to worry abotu anyone doing their job properly, no superviser to bug me out here (or there mother's), sunshine, exercise. It's so relaxing in comparison to supervising. (all very true facts)
CM: (smile fades)
Me: I should take this role in. Enjoy your day now. (smiles brightly)
CM: (looks sour and storms off)

Kirsty... The queen of the lazy toads. She is the manager of check out. And well... she favours the lazy toads and exploits the good workers. Enough said on this one.

The newest laxy toad, Christina. New girl... so lazy. I asked her to clean express the other night. All you have to do is wipe down the registers and sweep. A 20 min job in between customers max. It took her 2 hours! And we didn't have that many customers. I went in there when she left and found I had to do it myself as the job wasn't done! It took me 5 minutes! WFT?! I caught her just standing there more times then I can count and reminded her on what she had to do. She told me she would... but continued to stand there.

She did trolley round up for me... she took an hour and a half for a half hour job. She brought in 5 trolleys at a time. You have to be able to do 12 at a time!!!! 

From now on I'm not giving her extra jobs or putting her in express. She can go out on the floor so I can get people who will work moving. I have given so many chances to prove herself but she has failed me so many times. I give up on her!!!!

Well I better go to bed... I have to get up at 5am. Going to pick up Sandy from the airport!!! Can't believe she's going to be here!!!!!!


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