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I've had an oracle deck for a while now have been a little too lazy to put up my readings.

My deck is that of the Dragonfae and has 43 cards in the set. It's an Australian set and has one of my favourite Australian artists in it.

I would add more detail but I have to write this all out from my book as none of it is avaliable on the internet. So just the quick divinatory meanings. There is also meaning on how to work with each card but... I'm too lazy to write all that out.

Anyway I did the 'Seeker Journey' layout.

First card: Now

The Lady Alfreda - Justice Will Prevail

It is time to get real and own what you have previously blamed on others. This does not mean blaming yourself. Instead, work on shifting you own karmic residue and understanding the connections between what you have sent out and what you have created. Issues of law, justice and karma. Fearful thoughts around what you see to be the darkness or black magick, not understanding just how the natural Law works, thus this card asks you to look to your own intent. Clear your space; work with your own dark times to understand the lessons. Make friends with your shadow and thank it for the lessons.

Second card: Moving Forwards

Aine and the Guardian - Born Innocent

Your sexual expression may be feeling restricted, or you may have been criticized for being command of your own sexual destiny. There is a feeling about you that you should be more hidden, less conspicious and less daring in your expressions of freedom. Older men may wish you to behave in less overt ways and wish you to settle down and be "good".  This card signifies your absolute right to your own freedom and selfhood. Do not yield it.

Third card: Obstacle and Struggles

Lady Titania - Be Joyful

Bringing people together in life-changing, sacred and meaningful gatherings; mothering others joyfully; being greater than you appear to be; understanding the need for joy and happiness and gatherings that delight in the company of soul mates; family agreements and pacts that are reinforced through celebration; coming together in community with friends. Find your soul family. Being protected and nurtured by friends and soul-family.

Fourth card: Letting Go

Queen Mab - Your Ancient Wisdom Is Awakening

Getting back to the basics of enchantment and magick, reconnecting with old ways, and seeing them as eternal. Understanding the karmic history of your area, and applying the principles and lessons in the present moment. Telepathically receiving messages, and trusting in them. Knowing that your thoughts have energy, and can have an immense impact on what happens (think of the treefold law...). Indulge in some old-fashion magick, believe in your own abilities, and trust in the ancient ways of wisdom that run in your blood, as well as in the planet's heart.

Fifth card: Your Wisdom

Wu-Wang - Wild, Pure Heart

Know you are innocent and cultivate that aspect of yourself. Know that your innocence and goodness lies within you no matter what actions you hve taken in the past: This present moment is a chance to reclaim that pure and wild heart. When you do that, you will be able to see, feel and sense clearly the presence of magickal beings, including the Dragonfae and particularly the Unicorn. Wu-Wang will help you to eat organically, well and heathfully. Take nothing into your body without contemplating whether it will erode or grow that wild pure heart and act accordingly. Dance, sing, play music and make love... all of these acts, done with innocent, wild joy, are healing and part of the sacred act of Love.

Sixth card: Your Loved One/s

The Listener - Sacred Silence

A time for peace and quiet, literally finding a quiet space, softening noise. There could be increased noise sensitivity at this time; finding that it is hard to contemplate or think of what needs to be happening, or hard to decide on the best course of action for you due to interruptions and almost constant demands and distractions. One thing after another may be demanding your time and your desire for a peaceful time-out for contemplation may seem an impossible dream.

Seventh card: Your Abundance

The Sovereign - Gentle Power

Refusing to acknowledge yourself as the Creator in your world, blaming authority figures, seeing only the trappings and the not the humanity and the responsibility, being too influenced by others who you see as successful, powerful others, thus giving away your power. Not taking care of the little things in your own domain, seeing what is yours now as unworthy of great care or interest.

Eighth card: Mother Earth Want You to...

Gaia's Dargon - Divine Union

Bringing into balance matters of Earth and matters of the heavens, balance of the celestial and terrestrail, union between man and woman, beloved child, pregnancy, fertility, creations coming to fruition, meeting true lovers who are faithful, caring and protective, understanding your own sexual nature and being free to be who you are, balance of masculine and feminine in your world.

Ninth card: To Keep Going

Melusine - Love Who You Are

You may be facing rejection from others, particularly due to traditional family, religious or cultural expectations. Being thought of as unacceptable in some way. Struggling to fit into an environment that only loves part of who you are. Finding people want you to hide some of who you are, so that you fit in.

Tenth card: The arrival

The Guardians - Fly High

Travel, change of address or circumstance, be prepared to carry what you feel is yours forth into the new place that is calling you in the world; a new time, a shedding of your sacred place-skin, a return to ancient home; a calling to a future self, and an answer. Help from powerful companions when it comes to relocating, friendship in faraway places. Astral travelling to lands that are sometimes known as "fantasy" realms, but which arein fact dimensional realities you have assess to - now. Promotions, recognition, increase in attention in your career.

Eleventh card: The card of destiny... the why and how of the situation.

The Elder - Heed Wise Counsel

Studying seriously, working towards a goal, feeling like abandoning a task before it is completed, being disrespectful, feeling threatened by another approach to learning; wanting to leave "school" before it is time; having authority issues.

This reading was insightful into my relationship with my father and how I allow him to rule my life and become my excuse. It is causing areas of my life to suffer. Friends, love, school... I'm going to try and become a little more confident around my father.

For example, I don't cook due to the fact he prefers me not to. He constantly tells me I'm not oing it right or giving me judgmental looks. Poor excuse I know but it puts me off being in the kitchen while he is there. I often cook for me and my mother when he goes away camping without me. Thus I have talked to my mother and we have spoke to my father. I will be cooking once a week and he is forbidden to be in the same room as me while I cook.

Very (very) small step I know. But don't all steps start off small? 

At least if he can see I can do things for myself maybe he'll slowly start to let go and allow me my own life? Hope so at least.


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