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I would really like to thank everyone who voted. However... There were any ties, so there is a second (much smaller) vote. So if it’s not too much trouble could you please vote again? There is more of an explanation this time.


It was a three way tie. So here’s a little more info one these three.

Number Seven:

Earth, one of the many dimensions that run parallel to one another, has an atmosphere that can’t properly sustain ‘magic’. Or what humans would call magic anyway. But that does not mean that it isn’t practiced or used. Far from it. An organisation specialises in tracing down children with the gifts and properly training them in its use exists. Every child is trained, schooled and raised within these communities. After a time they are to Master their training and then they are free to enter the world or stay and teach others. Normally it takes at least 20 years. A child had been born and within 16 years, he had already completed his training. Axel is about to become the youngest to have ever completely his training. However half way through the induction ceremony, Axel disappears into thin air.

When Axel opened his eyes instead of being inside a temple at night, he’s outside in the middle of the day. In this world he feels, different. Stronger, more powerful. Like he had been chained down and now he was free. This new place he has appeared in is another dimension where there is no barricades blocking his magic. There are four people who have summoned him to this new dimension. They want his help, they believe him a saviour, but is it really as simple as that? It’s every boys dream to be summoned to play the hero but is he being played for a fool?

And if these people plan on using Axel, are they sure they can handle him?

Number Eight:

After each life you have, you soul will slowly become purer and purer. After a time and you reach that certain level of purity it is time for you to ascend. That’s all well and nice for them, but what about the people who were put on the Earth without a soul, those who are there to test those with a soul? Since there is a way for the soul to become purer, there is also the opposite effect. If a soul becomes so damned, it just disappears and that person will just become a tester. They can always earn their soul back, but it would seem that some of them would rather just take them. A group of testers have discovered that they don’t have a soul and have also discovered a way to gain one by stealing it.

Shaii, an old soul, is just a normal school girl with an upbeat attitude. Shaii is friendly to everyone she meets, but isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. So what happens when she runs into a tester who’s looking for a soul just like her’s? Shaii will have to prove that she has earned her soul or possibly lose it. And if she does lose it, then she doesn’t become a tester. No, she’ll off worse than the testers. If you lose your soul is lost a tester, you lose the will to live. Hopes, dreams, goals, you lose them all. The poor person will fall into a coma then once their lifetime is up, they just disappear, never to return.

But Shaii’s not the type to just give and let that happen. So these testers are going to have to try if they want to take this soul.  

Number Ten:

In a distant world the fate and the way of life of the people of this world is decided by their ruler. Not in the everyday way but in the way their land functions. When the time comes he must chose one of two girls to sacrifice. Both hold the powers of a god locked inside them but their powers appose one another. The one that is chosen to live much provide the ruler with his heirs, they will take on the powers of the two previous girls. Then when the time comes, the choice must be made again, another sacrifice is made and life goes on. But one day one of the girl’s questions this tradition, not something new. But she wonders why the land should have to survive on the grace of a god. Shouldn’t they thrive on their own?

Mia is one of the girls with the power of the gods and she questions it. She has become aware that questioning is causing the decision of sacrifice her way. The time of sacrifice is coming but one day as Mia gazes out into the world something happens to convince her that it’s time for the world to take things into it’s own hands instead of relying on the gods. So she runs with the help of a new found friend.

The kingdom is looking for Mia, there is a reward on her head for her safe return. One treasure hunted takes up the task to find her, but by the time he takes this mission on it has been a few years since she ran. Can he find her before time runs out for their land and the anger of the gods consume them? Or will he find her too late?

Fan fiction:

And we have a winner here. FF1! No surprise but all the surprise was actually how many votes my vampire fic got. Very encouraging, thanks guys!



Continue the story for this prologue:-

They always expect me to be able to able to fix everything.

“Don something’s wrong with my Shell Cell.”

“Donnie, the microwaves broke.”

“Hey Don, something’s up with my gameboy, it’s speaking backwards.”

 “My son, I regret to inform you but the television is refusing to work and let me watch my stories.”

But it’s not just things around the home they expect me to able to fix. They expect me to fix them. Whenever one of my brothers is hurt or unwell then its...

“You’ll be okay, Don will patch you up.”

“That’s a nasty cough you got there bro, go see Don.”

“Don, come quick he’s gotten himself hurt again.”

“My son, your brothers require your attention.”

I’m an engineer not a doctor. I don’t have any training only what I can look up on the internet. So far we’ve been fine with this but what happens when something happens to someone that I can’t fix. I can see it now. In a fight with an enemy one night, one my brothers will be critically injured. We get him home but there’s nothing I can do. It’s beyond me. The rest of my family saying:

“Don you gotta help him, you’ve gotta make him better.”

“You can do it Donnie, I believe in you.”

“It’s okay bro, Don’s gonna fix you up, right Don?”

“My son, how is your brother fairing?”

My family expects so much of me but have they only built me up. Am I really as good as they think I am? Or are they just under an illusion of my abilities? I have and I will always try my best to help my family in every way I can. Whether that be through my engineering skills or through my limited medical knowledge I will always do my best. But what if one day, my best wasn’t good enough? What will my family say then?


Since my vegas is working I am doing my TMNT one again. But it’s half way finished so that really good news! =D


Well TMNT won hands down. Then randomly picking came next, so... yeah?


There will be a massive update of my dA. All my uni work. So look forward to that! See what I have been done for the past 4 months.


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