Jul. 16th, 2009

shell_mel: (*Screams*)
You think cooking would be easy... in fact it is. It's just who's in the room with you that makes it difficult.

My father was constantly trying to tell me how to cook, what ingredient I should use (he's never made quiche), and basically trying to get me out of the kitchen. Well... sucks to be him because I wasn't going anywhere.

Tonight I cooked the family quiche. It was very nice but I used a little too much pastry as the base so it has a frilly part to it. Made it look very cute. ^^

So apart from the fact I practically had to lock my father in the stables in order to do this without him interfering, it went well.

Nobody got sick (yet).

Everyone enjoyed it. Even my brother which is saying something. He's a little picky with his food.

Now... what to do next week? I have that many cook books I'm sure I won't run out of ideas or inspiration.

Just hope I have the energy to put up with my dad. Ah!!!


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