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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
This one was from [personal profile] whiteadelphi
1) Sai! (I'm going to presume that we are talking about the weapon =D)

In structure the sai is rather simple. It has one long prong in the centre that extends from the handle. From this main prong are two smaller ones on either side of it. These smaller prongs are called yoku and generally tend to curve outwards, though it is not unheard of for them to be straight much like the centre prong. Then at the base of the handle is a ball. This is the knuckle of a sai. 

The sai is traditionally an Okinawan weapon where it was used mainly in defence rather than offence. However the weapon has both defensive and offensive possibilities. Normally they will be perceived as a defensive weapon due to the fact the prongs are not sharpened to a point. Though if someone were to jab one of them into your torso with everything they had... I would have to say they can definitely be offensive when the need is there.

The sai is normally a dual weapon and will come in a pair. However it is not uncommon for someone to just have one or three. The third being a spare or used for throwing. In a fight the main feature of a sai is the fact that it can trap out weapons in it's prongs. This however requires a great deal of skill but is worth it due to advantage it can create. The fact that the sai is a small weapon designed for close combat is a disadvantage against a sword, bo or any other long range weapon. But with the trapping skill this is easily turned round to become an advantage.

My interest in this weapon began when I was a little girl. Watching TMNT (of course). At this point I adopted Raphael as my favourite character and when you adopt a character... you tend to adopt his weapon too. XD Though my love for the weapon faded slightly... it was reignited by Elektra! It is my goal to learn to us the sai in real life... instead of just in rps. ^^;

I currently attend a dojo where as soon as I reach my green belt I am required to pick a weapon and study it. The weapon is not assigned to me. I get to pick!!! I may only be a white belt for now but I have spoken to my Shihan about his and he is more then happy to help find me a master when the time comes. He urges me to buy a pair and get used to them now so when I get my green belt, I'll be ready!

I do have a pair but they are not real ones. They are ones my boyfriend made for me. I love them, I really do. And I always will. But unfortunately they aren't dojo safe ones... ;_; So they stay at my place, in their own special draw. When I get my own place I plan to put them up on display. But til then my parents can't see them or they will kill him. I really do like him alive.


2) Saldechin on King William

Saldechin is a tea shop that is situated in Adelaide on King William Street. The style of the shop is based on 1920’s Shanghai tearoom. The door into the shop was an odd one. An iron gate stands at the height of probably three men and when opened it sinks into the ground. Allowing people to walk over it and enter the shop until it is time for it to be raised once more to lock the customers out. This particular feature shocked me. I’d never seen it before.

I’m going to be completely honest with you. I had forgotten that this was the name of the tea shop where whiteadelphi and I first met in real life. XD

But this is where we met. It was originally just going to be disxox and whiteadelphi meeting but I tagged along.

The funny thing about this shop... is you have to go down many stairs just to get to the bathroom. I believe it was called by my friends as ‘The Great Spiritual Journey’ or something like that anyway. By the time you come back, you’ll find yourself at one with everything.

I just have one thing to say to whiteadelphi.... Care to meet me there again sometime? =D *Really wants to see her again*

3) Meme-holic... XD

There is a circle of a dozen purple chairs in a room. But only one of the chairs is occupied. The room is eerily silent. Normally it would be a full room where the only silence that would fill the room would be on of awkwardness, as people wait for someone to speak first.

The lone person in the room sighs heavily as she looked to the doors, willing someone to come through them. Her sigh fills the room but the eeriness remains. The girl looks at the clock on the wall and frowns. There had been no ticking, the clock had stopped. Frustrated the girl begins rummaging around her bag, only stopping when she finds her mobile phone. She looks at the time. It’s 6pm... they were meant to be here at 5pm.

Another sigh escapes her, a sad sigh. She drops the mobile back into her bag. Moments pass by as she sat there in silence. No one was coming... Slowly she seemed to accept this fact. With another heavy sigh she got out of the chair, picking up her bag. Once more she glanced at the frozen clock, once more reminded that it would not show her the time.

The girl slowly walked to the door, only turning when she was out of the door. She glanced at the empty room as she pulled the door to a close. There was a sign right near the door. In her anger at the situation the girl glared at the sign before giving it a swift kick. The sign was knocked over and she stormed off.

On the sign that had received the kick was a small note. “MEME-HOLICS ANONYMOUS”

... XD

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. I think I should add RP-holic to the list of things I’m addicted to too. But anyway... back on topic.

Hi everyone. My name is Shell Mel and I am a meme-holic. You’ll find that 70%-90% of my posts are memes or quizzes. You can chose to ignore this, comment on this or follow in my footsteps and post them too. I’m not all fussed. I rarely tag people though. Very rare that I will. If I do it’s normally due to the fact I really what that person’s view on things. But if they don’t feel like going through it with it, then that’s fine too. As I said, not fussed.

If you are annoyed that I mostly post memes and quizzes please go to the meme-holics anonymous room and I’m sure someone will be with you shortly. Xb

Also a little note as to my little section above. Sorry I was in a creative mood and as soon as I saw the word ‘meme-holic’ the image of an AA meeting sprung to mind. Also I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing. My fingers that I’ll find the attention span required to actually do it... Had several stillings just to write this meme up to here. XD

4) Fanfiction

Fanfiction? Well... I read it, write it, love it!

I have written two fictions, both TMNT. On I am ‘The Waiting Ninja’... lame I know. But I couldn’t help myself as I couldn’t have Shell Mel. One is a drabble (Mikey and Leo) and the other only has the prologue up (Raph-centric). I know... I is terrible. ;_; Though I have more ideas. Two more. One is Donnie-centric and the other has an OC. Never really liked OC’s in fanfiction but I’m going to give it a go. See what happens.

Though I will fix this. I’m getting back in contact with my beta reader and I will try and write more!

But on the reading front... I read mainly TMNT and some Teen Titans. I tend to favour Raph-centric torture fics... or just Raph-centric fics full stop. XD So if anyone knows any good fics that I might be interested in, please don’t hesitate to recommend!

5) Socialising

The definition of socialising is: the act of meeting for social purposes ( socialising)

Most of my socialising is done either through work or school. I have never been real big on socialising. This has nothing to do with the people I’m friends with or anything like that. I’m not the sort of person that has a hard time making friends, in fact I’m the opposite of that. I make them way too easily. While I am at school or work, socialising is no issue for me.

But! And there is always a but...

 When it comes to going to parties, meeting people outside of these safety zones or anything like that... I’m different. I get really nervous (like everyone does), but I get to the point where I’ll be looking for ways to back out of it. Though I rarely do back out... I go. I have fun and feel better. However the first part of the party/meeting/ whatever... I feel socially awkward. I don’t feel happy there, I’ll be looking for exits; I will be anything but the life of the party. It often takes me a while to get into the swing of things but by the end of it I am enjoying myself.

I will never be a social flower. I make friends and lose them far too easily. But that doesn’t mean I ever stop caring about them. Hence why I love the internet. Makes keeping in contact easier for me.

Now I have 2 more to do. So be on the lookout for them!


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